Hi there, I'm glad you're here to know a little more about me.

I was born in the USA, 51 years ago and raised in Sao Paulo, Brasil, my entire family is Brasilian.

I always had a pretty active life, playing outdoors, playing lots of sports like Judo, Swimming, Skateboarding, Surfing, but my favourite was Tennis, there was one point that I considered to train to play professionally but it never happened. On my Summer vacations I used to go to my Grandparents farm and to out house at beach as well, we had a great time.

At home we used to eat and drink everything, no restrictions, we ate dairy, all types of meat, I remember how much sugar I use to put in my Smoothies and in my smashed bananas with oats for breakfast, loooots of it. :-) And my mother never said anything.

When it was time for College I decided to study Physical Education because I liked sports a lot and I liked the idea of teaching and guiding kids and adults with their health, so I got my BA in PE.

I never really used my Diploma, except a few swimming and tennis lessons and  while in College I started my artistic career as a Model and then as an Actor and I was able to make a simple life out of it in Brasil.

After about 16 years as an Actor my Soul wanted more, so I started looking for opportunities to become an Entrepreneur, I started out getting a Certificate in Therapeutic Swedish Massage and I worked for a while in a Chiropractors Office for about 6 months and in a Gym for about 2 months and had a few private clients as well.

Meanwhile my eating habits started changing after I was inspired by one of my girlfriends, that was a vegetarian, to care more for what I ate, after all we are what we eat, right? Literally. SO, to make a long story short, I don't eat Dairy products anymore, I don't eat sugar anymore, I don't eat white flour, avoid refined carbs, I don't drink sodas, don't eat chocolates, avoid processed foods as much as possible, don't eat chicken and red meats, eat organic as much as possible, I do eat Fish, Tuna, Salmon, Sardines, etc... and I'm doing great, strong and healthy, but I will confess, I have to work on my stress levels and other areas in my life, and may be teaching all these areas I learn more about these areas, after all "the teacher teaches what he needs to learn most", right? :-)

I kept moving back and forth between Brasil and the USA and in one of these moves I decided I wanted to have my own Business as an Independent Distributor for Herbalife International, a Health, Nutrition and Weight Loss company, because I liked the Network Marketing concept of leveraging your efforts through a team of people working in collaboration, not competition, and I also liked how much they promoted Personal development, but after about 9 years I decided to quit because I didn't have any financial results, but it was a great experience helping people to be healthier and lose weight, it was my first experience as a Health Coach and it was the catalyst for me to always search for my betterment and always keep growing, learning and improving.

Again, I started my search for more, and I discovered that I was responsible for the current situation in the World and I decided to do my best to become a change agent and make a better world for future generations to live in. I started learning about Permaculture, Sustainability, Aquaponics, Homesteading, I did a few internships and PDCs(Permaculture Design Course) in the Big Island in Hawaii, in Ithaca, in the Finger Lakes region in New York, in Fullerton, CA and in Ubatuba, Brasil. I also became a facilitator for Pachamama Alliance and the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium and kept investing in my personal growth.

About 9 years ago I had my first encounter with Coaching, I took my first Coaching training with iPec Coaching and I loved it, I wanted to help people to transform their lives and empower them to live more fulfilling lives. But I never really acted on my ideas. Life got in the way, or better yet, I got in the way of my success.

During all these years I also had other entrepreneurial adventures but they were really preparing me for what would be ahead of me, to become the person I needed to be to be able to reach hundreds and thousands of people with my work as a change agent.

Now, I had different passions and areas I wanted to work on as a Conscious change agent, but I didn't know which one to pick.

When I was in Hawaii in 2014, I took my second Coaching training with Christian Michelson and "launched" my business, but again, I wasn't ready for it. Life got in the way, I got in the way of my success and did nothing again. Do you see the pattern here? :-)

In 2016, I discovered The Institute of Integrative Nutrition(IIN) and I loved their ideas, concepts, values and their Mission, which is to make the World a Healthier place to live, to change the "Sick" Care System for a truly "Health" Care System, where people have access to real and organic food most of the times, where we work on prevention instead medication and where we take care of ourselves as humans, caring for humans in a holistic manner, working on Bio-Individuality, after all we are individuals, and in all areas of Life, a concept we call Primary Food and Secondary Food.

I decided that now I was going to take action, despite my insecurities, fears and doubts and I would make it happen and fulfill my mission in this lifetime and influence and inspire those people that have to listen to my message to be able to transform their lives.

And I'm not only taking action in my Coaching Business but I'm taking action in my Acting Career again and see if I can have the best of both Worlds.

So, welcome to my World and hope to see you around and better yet, I hope I can personally help you in your personal journey of better Health, Discovery and Transformation

Make it an awesome and Healthy day.



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